Part 1

(Scene: OEEP/KC HQ)

Joe: We need a plan to get CWAL.....

Frog: Hehehe. Look at that TA fan get flamed....

Joe: THAT’S IT!!!

Frog: Huh?

Joe: Shut up. I have a plan.

*All of OEEP/KC gather around to hear Joe’s plan.*

Joe: OK, we all know how TA is incredibly unbalanced....

Rest of OEEP/KC (skeptically): Yeah.....

Joe: So we break into Cavedog and steal the plans for one of their overpowered units.

Rest of OEEP/KC (still skeptical): Yeah.....

Joe: And then we send it against CWAL!!!

Rest of OEEP/KC (finally convinced): Sounds good!

Joe: Lets go.

(Scene: Front gates of Cavedog HQ, two security guards standing watch.)

*A loud noise is heard around the corner from the first security guard.*

SG1: Huh? What was that?

*The guard walks around the corner and sees a note on the ground, picking it up, he calls to his companion.*

SG1 (to SG2): Hey, come here.

*They start to read the note. It says "How to keep a security guard busy, continued on other side....". They flip it over, the same thing is repeated on this side too. So engrossed by this note, they fail to notice OEEP/KC slipping by.*

Frog: Helrazer, how’d you think that up?

Helrazer: I read it somewhere.

**Author’s note -> this trick was used on the Blizzard security guards by CWAL awhile back

Joe: Who cares, it worked. On to the units complex.

*OEEP/KC makes their way across to the building that houses the plans for all the units in TA*

DBD: Which unit are we gonna steal??

Joe (annoyed): Ummm, I don’t know. DO I HAVE TO THINK OF EVERYTHING?????

DBD: Has anyone actually played TA???


Joe: So what unit should we steal?

Frog: I’d say the Krogoth. The most over-powered unit in any RTS game.

Joe: Sounds good. Glad I thought of it.

*Joe hits the door with his thumb, and it goes flying off it’s hinges. A cute little kitty walks out, and Abbott pulls out the WD-40 and his zippo. The rest of OEEP/KC dives for cover.*

Abbott: I told you kitty, STOP EAVESDROPING ON ME!!!!

(Scene: A nice meadow, with a fawn running through the long grass)

(Scene: a few moments later, back at Cavedog HQ.)

*Abbott is standing over a pile of ashes, the rest of OEEP/KC starts to emerge from cover.*

Frog: Ummm, Abbott? Next time maybe you should go a little easier on the WD-40..........

*Joe tries to enter the building, but his thumb won’t fit through the door*

Joe: Doh!!! OK, since my thumb won’t fit through the door, I’ll stand guard while you guys go get the Krogoth plans.

*Joe takes up a position to watch over the door. The rest of OEEP/KC enters the building. Inside they see a long hallway with hanging lights. One of the lights seems to have a short circuit. At the end of the hall is a door. DBD goes to open the door, but as soon as he touches the knob, the door falls to the floor with a crash. On the other side of the door is a small room with a little man chained to a small desk, working with a compass, with only a weak candle for light.*

Frog: THIS is where they got all their unit ideas????

Helrazer: That explains a lot......

LM (Little Man): Who are you? Have you come to save me? What’s been happening? Are we still at war with Germany?

*DBD whacks him over the head, the little man falls to his desk unconscious.*

DBD: I had to put him out of his misery. Now lets get those plans and get out of here, this place gives me the creeps.

*OEEP/KC start looking for the Krogoth plans, while Helrazer is looking for the filing system.*

Helrazer: Anyone know how to use the Dewey Decimal System??? Never mind, found them.

Helrazer pulls out three large pieces of paper, all rolled up.

Abbott: Ok, lets get out of here.

*OEEP/KC emerges from the building*

Joe: Did you get them?

Helrazer: Yes.

Joe: Good! Now we shall crush CWAL!!!! Let us go and complete our plan!!!!!

*OEEP/KC leaves the Cavedog compound, walking right past the security guards, who are still turning the paper over and over............*

(Scene: A control room somewhere.)

*Banks of large computers are seen. Across the room, there is a mysterious figure slumped in a chair.*

MF (Mysterious Figure): Why do I always get stuck with the night shift. Nothing ever happens, its so boring!

*Just then, a light begins to blink on the console*

MF: Huh?? Uh oh, thats not good

*The mysterious figure reaches for a phone*

(Scene: a completely dark room)

*A light mumbling can be heard from time to time. Then the phone starts to ring. With a groan, the phone gets answered.*

Voice (Yawning): If this isn’t an insanely beautiful woman, I’m hanging up!

*Pause, he is listening to the person on the other end*

Voice: Oh, its you. Guess I’m not hanging up. What? That’s not good. Get the others, we must discuss this.

(Fade to black)

Part 2

(Scene: A conference room)

*The lights have been turned down low. There are 10 people seated around at the conference table, but there are 11 seats. One person is toying with a rather large gun. 2 more seem completely engrossed by the flame from their zippo lighter. 3 others are staring blankly off into space, with a dumbfounded look on their faces. One person is intently reading a very old book, mouthing over the words as she reads them, as if she is trying to memorize them. Another is sinking back into his chair, as if he is desperately trying to become invisible. At one end, another is working on something or other, no one is quite sure just what it is yet. At the other end is a man, who looks at his watch every couple seconds.*

"Now, if he would just get here, we could get started."

"Relax, I’m sure he’s on his way."

*Just then, the door opens and a man walks in. He goes to the table and takes his seat.*

"Sorry I’m late, had to get a refill."

"No problem. Now, down to business."

*The man at the head of the table presses a button. A screen drops down behind him. He then begins to speak.*

"Early this morning OEEP/KC....."

*As he says this, a picture of OEEP/KC appears on the screen.*

"Broke into the Cavedog compound."

*The picture changes to that of an aerial view of Cavedog HQ.*

"While there, they broke into the unit production/storage building and stole the plans for the Krogoth."

*On the screen, we see a Krogoth in action, ripping through Arm defenses, and finally killing the commander before continuing on to the next target.*

"It is believed that they are going to send this over-powerful unit against CWAL. I think it’s time we intervened."

*Everyone starts to murmur. Finally, the man who arrived late speaks up.*

"But they just have the plans for the Krogoth, what makes you think that they will be able to actually build it?"

"None the less, we should be prepared should they be able to. But until that time, we will not intervene, but will continue to monitor the situation. If we’re in agreement, we can all get out of here."

*Everyone at the table nods their head and gets up, except for the 2 with the zippo. They are still captivated by the slowly weakening flame, the lighter is obviously starting to run out of fuel. On the way out the door, the others shut off the lights, leaving the other two with just the weak flame for light.*

(Scene: An abandoned warehouse somewhere in Nevada, months later)

*Frog flies through the air and hits the wall head first, becoming stuck*

(Scene: 15 seconds earlier)

DBD: We should have stolen a construction Kbot while we were there, it wouldn’t have taken us as long to make this thing.

Joe: What, am I supposed to think of everything??

Frog: Hey Joe, I hope you give our work a ‘thumbs up’!!!!! Uh oh....

*Frog flies through the air and hits the wall head first, becoming stuck*

Joe: Finally, the Krogoth is complete, now I.....

*The rest of OEEP/KC looks at Joe angrily.*

Joe: Errrr, ummmmmm, I mean WE shall finally crush CWAL!!!!

Frog (muffled): Hey! Can someone help me out of this wall??

*The camera moves back. We now see the giant robot, towering above OEEP/KC.*

DBD: Flensers, eat your hearts out!!!

*Frog finally manages to get unstuck.*

Frog: Only one problem, this thing moves way to slow, it’ll take forever for it to get to Irvine. Who’s idea was it to build it out in Nevada anyway?

*Joe hits him again, and Frog becomes stuck in the wall again, right beside the other hole.*

Joe: Am I supposed to think of everything?? Well, lets get this thing moving, it might make it there in a half-decent time.

(Scene: A control room somewhere)

*There is a dark figure sitting in a chair. He is trying to light the chair on fire, but the chair is metal.*

DF (Dark Figure) (In a thick, exaggerated, and very fake surfer accent): Hey, this seat is starting to get hot. Gnarly!!

*Just then, a light starts to blink on the control board.*

DF: Huh? Ummm, I guess I should call someone.

*He picks up the phone and dials a number.*

(Scene: Pizza Hut)

*The person at the cash picks up the phone.*

PHE (Pizza Hut Employee): Hello, Pizza Hut.

PHE: What was that sir? Could you repeat what you just said?

PHE: No, I’m afraid I have no idea why that light is blinking.

*With that he hangs up.*

(Scene: The control room again)

*Looking dejected, the dark figure tries again.*

<Hello, you have reached 1-976-555-5555, Hot Sex Talk>

DF: Do you know why this light is blinking?

<If you would like to talk to Candy, press one.>

DF: Hello, are you paying attention to me??

<If you would like to talk to Denise, press two.>

DF: Well, if you’re not going to answer my question, then I’m going to have to hang up!!!

<If you are not using a touch tone phone, then please stay on the>

*With that he hangs up. Getting an idea, he gets up and walks to the door. Opening the door, he then yells down the hall.*


*A few seconds later, a figure emerges into the hall. He seems almost completely asleep. He then proceeds to walk to the control room, hitting the other across the head as he passes.*

"Don’t you EVER do that again. Got it?"

*He walks over to the control board, and looks at the light that’s blinking.*

"Oh crud, this really isn’t good. I guess they did manage to get it built."

*Picking up the phone, he punches in a number.*

"We have a problem.........."

(Fade to black)

Part 3

(Scene: A conference room)

*There are 11 people seated around the table. The man at the head of the table begins to speak.*

"We have a rather large situation now. It seems that OEEP/KC HAS been able to build the Krogoth, and it is now on its way to Irvine, albeit very slowly. Any suggestions on how to resolve this?"

*Immediately 5 voices simultaneously speak (in a horrible fake surfer accent).*

5 people: FIRE!!!!!!!

*They all look at each other.*

5 people: Gnarly!!!!!!

*Gradually, more people start voicing their suggestions.*

"I say we blow the thing up, a few hundred kilos of C-4 should do it............"

"Lets jam it’s weapons with duct tape, so when it tries to fire, it backfires and explodes."

"I think I might have a spell that could power it down......"

"Remember, these people aren’t exactly experts, they probably screwed up SOMEHOW. All we have to do is find this weakness and exploit it."

"That’s if we can FIND the weakness in time, we only have a couple days."

"It shouldn’t be a problem, in fact I’m already looking into something. Wait until you hear who programmed it........."

(Scene: CWAL Headquarters)

*Its early in the morning. All the most of the CWALers are either sleeping or playing StarCraft. Glitterspike and Fjorxc are watching the defenses.*

Glitterspike: Umm, there is something on the radar....... It’s moving REALLY slow, but it’s coming right for us..........

Fjorxc: I’ll go check it out.

*With that, Fjorxc goes and gets into his Orca and takes off, heading towards the blip on the radar. Glitterspike, watching from inside, sees the whole thing. As Fjorxc nears the blip, he begins to fly wildly. All of a sudden, he sees an explosion, and when the smoke clears, the Orca is nowhere to be seen. Glitterspike steps away from the window, lowers his head, and forms a cross in the air with his fingers across his check.*

Glitterspike: Supernook, get up, we have a problem.

Supernook(sleepily) : Huh? What?

Glitterspike: Fjorxc was just killed by something.

Supernook: Who? Oh, a newbie, right. Is he cannon fodder??

Glitterspike: No.

Supernook: Crud. What killed him?

Glitterspike: Don’t know.

Supernook: So, why are you bothering me again?

Glitterspike: Because, whatever just shot him down is still coming right for us.

Supernook: That’s not good.

(Scene: XILE headquarters)

Aurus: I think OEEP/KC is about to kill CWAL with a Krogoth.

Coyote: How dare they!! I wanted to kill CWAL.......

(Scene: Just out of range of the CWAL radar.)

Joe: Did you see the way the Krogoth vaporized that thing? Wow! I can’t lose this time!

*The rest of OEEP/KC looks angrily at Joe.*

Joe: Errrr, ummmm, I mean WE can’t lose this time!

*The rest of OEEP/KC grumbles but accepts it.*

Joe: There is nothing that CWAL can do to stop it!!! Mwaahahahahaha!! Laugh with maniacally with me!!!

OEEP/KC: Mwaahahahahahaha!!!

(Scene: CWAL Headquarters)

*Supernook has mamanged to wake some CWALers up to deal with the threat.*

Supernook: Ok, Dragoneyes and Krath, you go see if you can find out what this thing is, but be careful, it’s already shot down..... (whispering to Glitterspike)Pst! What was his name again?

Glitterspike: Fjorxc.

Supernook: It’s already shot down Fjorxc.

Dragoneyes: We’ll get right on it Supernookie the Eskimo Cookie.

*Supernook runs out of the room crying.*

Glitterspike: Ummm, I don’t think you really need to go and scout this thing out.

Krath: Why not?

Glitterspike: Because you can see it just fine out of this window!

*CWAL goes over and looks out the window. In the distance, we can see the towering form of the Krogoth moving slowly towards them.*

TiB: Is it just me, or is that a Krogoth!

Lothos: Oh my god! They’ve taken over the Enterprise!!

Dragoneyes: Yes, I think it is a Krogoth. This isn’t good at all.

(Scene: Just out of range of CWAL’s radar)

Joe: How much longer until this thing is within firing range?

Frog: Not long, its almost there.

*Just then, a cute little kitten walks out from behind a bush.*

Abbott: I told you kitty, stop eavesdropping on me!!!

(Scene: CWAL Headquarters)

Krath: The Krogoth just turned around!

Tybalt: What is it firing on?

Dragoneyes: Crap, it’s coming this way again.

(Scene: Just out of range of CWAL’s radar)

*We see OEEP/KC standing there, all of them covered in soot. Where the kitty was standing, there is now a large crater.*

Krusader: Ummm, that was deffinitly an overkill Abbott.

Joe: Shut up, it’s finally within firing range!

*OEEP/KC waits for the boom, but it doesn’t come.*

Joe: What’s wrong????

Frog: It takes time to recharge for another shot, we kinda had to skimp on the power supply.

Joe: Abbott, you idiot! You’ve managed to delay my, I mean OUR glorious victory over CWAL!

*Joe whacks Abbott with his thumb, sending him flying.*

(Scene: CWAL Headquarters)

Dragoneyes: We’ve got to do something about this before it gets into firing range!

Glitterspike: To late.......

*No sooner did Glitterspike get those words out of his mouth than the first barrage hit the building. It struck the wall, going right through it. When the cloud of dust cleared, the CWALers saw a very large hole in the side of their HQ.*

Glitterspike: This is very, very bad......

(Fade to black)

Part 4

(Scene: A dark room)

*The room has no distinguishing features. It is almost completely dark, except for a light shining in the middle of the floor. In this light, Fjorxc lies on the floor, beginning to regain consciousness.*

Fjorxc: -=Where am I? Oh, I feel so groggy. What happened to me? The last thing I remember is being shot at..... No!!=- So this is what death is like.

"Oh, you’re not dead, you’re quite alive."

*Looking to where the voice came from, Fjorxc sees a figure standing in the shadows, barely visible.*

Figure: I was wondering when you’d wake up Fjorasdfjhasdgasd...... Fjorcxjhhjcaksjhkjasdfg.......

Fjorxc: Just call me Fork.

Figure: OK, I was wondering when you’d wake up.... Fork.

Fjorxc: If I’m not dead, then where exactly am I?

Figure: You are in a secret base of operations (isn’t it amazing what a few billion Pepsi points could get you?)

Fjorxc: What happened to me?

Figure: You were almost killed. We saved you.

Fjorxc: Why?

Figure: We had our reasons.

Fjorxc: Am I a prisoner?

Figure: After a fashion.

Fjorxc: After a fashion?

Figure: Consider yourself under house arrest.

Fjorxc: Are you from Blizzard?

Figure: Most certainly not!

Fjorxc: I’m not going to get very much information out of you, am I?

Figure: Doesn’t look like it.

Fjorxc: I don’t suppose you’d tell me who you are, would you?

Figure: That I will tell you. My name is Dark Nexus.

*With that, he steps out of the shadows. We now get a clear look at his face. The voice is that of the man that sat at the head of the conference table.*
Dark Nexus: Now, if you’d please follow me, we have business to attend to.

*Fjorxc gets up and follows Dark Nexus out of the room. They enter a long, well lit hall. They walk down the hall and enter a room at the end. Inside the room is a conference table with 9 people seated around it.*

Dark Nexus: Everyone, this is, ummm, Fork.

*Fjorxc looks around the room at everyone.*

Dark Nexus: Time to introduce everyone I guess. The woman over there whose nose is buried in the book, that’s Kebs. She’s the one who saved you. The guy with the big gun, that’s Thunder, and over there, with the duct tape, that’s Magni. The little shrimp over there trying to disappear into his seat, that’s Bergling. The other five are the Speds. They’re, well, a little stupid. (To the Speds) Umm, guys, your pants are on fire.

*The Speds look at Nexus and nod like they understand. Then, as it sinks in, they all get up and start jumping around trying to put the fires out.*

Nexus: There’s one more, but since he’s not part of the actual active team, he’s not here. Now, have a seat.

*Dark Nexus takes his place at the table and indicates a free seat to Fjorxc, who sits down in it.*

Nexus: OK, we’ve determined, that since the AI in this Krogoth was programmed by OEEP/KC, that they must be using a remote to control it. We need to get that remote, and I have a plan to do just that. First, Kebs, you teleport us all to their location. Once there, I want Bergling and the Speds to cause a distraction. While they are distracted, Thunder, Magni and I will move in from behind them. Magni, you must eliminate our greatest threat, Joe’s thumb. Use your duct tape to pin it to the ground. Kebs, you then grab the remote while they are distracted. Then, we will be in control of the Krogoth, and can get rid of it. Any questions?

Magni: Why don’t we just get Kebs to teleport the remote here?

Kebs: Because its too small. It needs to be much larger than it is for me to teleport it to me.

Nexus: Then lets go! Fork, we’ll teleport you and your Orca back to CWAL HQ.

Fjorxc: OK.

*They all get up and move out of the room. They proceed down the hall and enter a room with enough weaponry to wipe a small country off the face of the earth. They all start arming themselves. The Speds each pick up a flame thrower. Magni opens a cupboard that is filled with various forms of duct tape. He picks up 2 rolls of duct tape, 3 duct tape grenades, and a gun that looks almost like a grappling hook, but has duct tape instead. Thunder arms himself with a rather large assault cannon, with an attached grenade launcher. He also grabs several kilos of C-4. They give Bergling a knife. Kebs and Dark Nexus both grab shotguns. On the way out, Nexus passes by a strange looking gun. Stopping, he goes back.*

Nexus: Hmmm, the retro gun??

*There is a label on the gun "Warning, untested".*

Nexus (grabbing the gun): Oh well, I’ll be careful.

*They then proceed to a hangar. In the hangar is nothing but Fjorxc’s Orca. Nexus indicates to Fjorxc to get in, so he does. From inside the cockpit, Fjorxc sees Dark Nexus say something to Kebs, who then starts to make motions with her hands, and he sees her mouth moving. Then, everything fades to black. Moments later, Fjorxc and his Orca appear on CWAL’s roof. Inside the Orca, Fjorxc is out cold.*

*Meanwhile, back at the hangar......*

Nexus: OK, lets go. We have a Krogoth to destroy. Guys, would you stop trying to light the door on fire???

*We see the Speds huddled around the doorway, attempting to light the door on fire with zippos. Thunder just shakes his head.*

(Fade to black)

Part 5

(Scene: Just out of range of CWAL’s radar)

Joe: How much longer until it can fire again??

Frog: About 30 more seconds........

*Joe mumbles something about shoddy workmanship.*

Joe: Who the HELL are they, and where the HELL did they come from???

*OEEP/KC follows Joe’s gaze, and see Bergling and the Speds. Zeno points at Bergling.*

Zeno: More importantly, what is THAT?!?!?! That has GOT to be the most pitiful thing I’ve ever seen!!

*Just then, Bergling’s sixth sense kicks in, and he senses danger. He then starts running around in circles, waving his hands in the air, while screaming like a banshee.*


*All of OEEP/KC immediately target all their weapons on Bergling and fired, in an attempt to stop the horrible, horrible, annoying noise that he was emitting. Seeing this, Bergling starts to run very, very pitifully. The Speds use this opportunity to let loose a stream of fire in the general direction of OEEP/KC. Unfortunately, since their combined IQ level is just barely above that of a Blizzard Security Guard, 2 of them forgot to turn on the gas, 2 of them turned it on WAY to high, so when they pulled the trigger, the explosive force threw them back, and burned all the hair off their heads, and the last Sped was facing the wrong way. OEEP/KC, finished turning Bergling into a small and pitiful stain on the road, turned their attention to the Speds, and saw this fiasco.*

Joe: Oh, this is gonna be easy!!!

(Scene: CWAL HQ)

Glitterspike: Umm, shouldn’t we do something about this??

Dragoneyes: Hey, all the computers are free!!!!

*All of the CWALers rush over to the computers and start playing Starcraft, forgetting that they were being fired upon by a Krogoth.*

(Scene: Just out of range of CWAL’s radar)

*Joe winds up with his thumb, and is about to make them the first Speds in space when he notices something land on his thumb. He turns his attention to this small round object just in time to see it explode, covering his thumb in duct tape.*

Magni: Woohoo! Direct hit!!

Dark Nexus: We can’t let you destroy CWAL.

*With that, Magni jumps on Joe’s thumb and began securing it to the ground with his rolls of duct tape. Meanwhile, Dark Nexus mounts the Retro gun on his shoulder and prepares to fire at Helrazer.*

Nexus: Lets see what this baby can do!!

*He fires. All of a sudden, singing starts.*

"Gonna stay at the YYYYYY-M-C-A!!"

*Turning around, Dark Nexus sees the Speds, who are now dressed like the Village People, belting out YMCA at the top of their lungs.*

Nexus: Ok, so I had the thing backwards, interesting effect at least.

*He turns the gun around and fires at Helrazer. Hitting him dead on.*

Helrazer: Must...... Resist...... Urge..... to DISCO!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"With that, Helrazer goes into a horrible rendition of Staying Alive. Dark Nexus prepares to fire again, aiming at DBD. He pulls the trigger, but nothing happens.*

Nexus: Drat! That last shot overheated it. Oh well, do this the old fashioned way!

*Dropping the Retro gun, he pulls out the trusty shotgun and begins firing in the direction of DBD. While he doesn’t hit, DBD’s cowardly side takes over and he runs away. Meanwhile, Thunder confronts Abbott.*

Thunder: Prepare to eat hot lead!!!

Abbott: We’ll see about that!!

*Both of them open fire and dive for cover.*

(3 Minutes Later)

*Abbott has finally run out of ammo. Thunder walks over to him and points his gun at Abbott’s head.*

Thunder: I know what you’re thinking. Did he fire 2, 436, 345 shots, or 2, 436, 346 shots. Do you feel lucky, punk? Well, do ya?

*Thunder prepares to pull the trigger, while Abbott gets ready to die.*


Thunder: Guess it was 2, 436, 346, now wasn’t it? Oh well, doesn’t matter.

*Thunder tosses something at Abbott, who catches it. Abbot looks at what it is, and notices a timer, and realizes that he is holding a LOT of C-4 that is about to explode in 15 seconds. Jumping up, he throws it as far as he can, and runs the other way. The C-4 lands right beside DBD, who fortunately is in his Cannon Fodder personality.*

Thunder: I love the smell of Napalm in the morning!

*Meanwhile, Magni, having finished taping Joe’s thumb to the ground, has turned his attention towards Zeno, while Kebs goes after the remote, which is being guarded by Frog.*

Magni: This is gonna be fun.......

Zeno: Bring it on!!

*Magni fires his weapon at Zeno, sending a stream of duct tape in his direction.*

Zeno: Man, that stuff is sticky!!

*A few second later, Zeno is covered in head to toe by duct tape.*

Kebs: Here I was already to turn someone into a Frog, but someone else beat me to it!! (Laughs) Oh well, guess I’ll have to turn you into a prince instead!!

*Kebs mumbles something.*

"Hi, I’m the artist formerly know as Prince, then by a stupid little symbol, and now as ‘The Artist’."

Kebs: That’s what I get for using an out-of-date spell book........ Lets try this!

*Once again, Kebs mumbles something. This time, 3 French chefs appear with rather large knives."

Chef #1: Mon dieu!! C’est impossible!!

Chef #2: Zat is de biggest frog I ave ever seen!

Chef #3: Vient ici mon petit grenouille!!

*Frog, seeing the look in their eyes, and knowing that they have a taste for frog’s legs, drops the remote and runs. Kebs picks up the remote.*

Kebs: Thunder, catch!

*She throws the remote to Thunder, who catches it. He looks at the controls.*

Thunder: Hmmmm, now which one is the self-destruct I wonder.......

*Thunder ponders over which button to press, while Kebs, who is trying to figure out what exactly went wrong with her first spell, fails to notice Joe break free of the duct tape.*

Thunder: Found it! This is gonna be a BIG boom!!

(Scene: CWAL’s roof)

*Fjorxc finally wakes up*

Fjorxc: -=CRAP!!! I better go get the rest CWAL to help take out OEEP/KC!!=-

*With that, he gets out of the Orca and rushes into the building*

(Scene: Just out of range of CWAL’s radar)

"Drop the remote, or I use her as a thumb tack!"

*Having dispatched the rest of OEEP/KC (except for Abbott, but he has noticed a sign in a window saying "Free Kittens, Inquire Inside"), they all turn to see Joe, with his thumb placed squarely on Kebs’ head.*

Dark Nexus: Kebs! How dare you!!! Let her go!!!

Magni: Ohhhhhhhhh no.............

Joe: Not until he throws me the remote.

Nexus (clenching and unclenching his fists): Thunder, do it!

Thunder: But....

Nexus (With a very angry look on his face): DO IT!!! NOW!!!

Joe: Glad you can see it my way.

(Scene: CWAL HQ)

*Fjorxc enters to see all of CWAL playing Starcraft, except for Lothos, who is watching Star Trek 3.*


Fjorxc: Why is everyone playing Starcraft when we are under attack!!!!

Dragoneyes: Crap, that’s right!

*A bunch of CWALers get up and follow Fjorxc, who is heading in the direction of the battle.*

(Scene: Just out of range of CWAL’s radar)

*Thunder throws the remote at Joe. Joe, paying attention to the remote, fails to see Dark Nexus charging him in a battle frenzy.*

Nexus: DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Joe turns just in time to see the butt of Nexus’ shot gun come down on his head, knocking him to the ground. Nexus then points the shotgun, the barrel end, right at Joe’s head.*

Nexus: Give me one good reason not to kill you where you are!

Joe: OK, I’m a continuing villain. You can’t just kill the returning villain, if he dies, it has to be by his own hand, a mistake he has made in a diabolical plan!

Kebs (Who has picked up the remote): I hate to say it, but he’s right.

*Nexus begrudgingly backs down. Joe, taking advantage of the lapse in Nexus’ defenses, whacks him with his thumb, sending him sprawling back.*

Nexus: Umph!!

Joe: You’ve ruined my plans this time, but now we know you’re out there, whoever you are! You won’t stop us again!

*With that, Joe, and the rest of OEEP/KC that can walk head off for OEEP/KC headquarters. Kebs hits a few buttons on the remote. The Krogoth turns around and starts heading away from CWAL HQ, and out of Irvine.*

Kebs: There, I just told it to go out to the desert and self destruct. PULL!!!!

*Upon yelling that one word, she throws the remote high into the air. Thunder, hearing that, acts upon instinct and in one fluid motion grabs the shotgun that Dark Nexus dropped and blasts the remote to bits. He then blows the smoke away from the barrel*

Magni: I think that its time we made our exit.

Dark Nexus: I agree. It is a true tragedy that we lost Bergling though.......

*Kebs mumbles something. They all disappear. Right after this, CWAL comes around the corner of a nearby building.*

Krath: There’s no-one here!

Glitterspike: Fjorxc, you lead us on a wild goose chase!

Fjorxc: Oh really??

*He walks over and picks up a piece of duct tape, showing it to the others.*


Talruum: Umm, Gluegun, that tape was made by your company...........

Gluegun: These people have taste then!

Fjorxc: Yes, and they saved us.........

(Fade to black)