Out of the Shadows

TIME: 1100

The sun was shining bright outside, but he had no way of knowing that in the closed off room. He sat there and wondered why he always got stuck with surveillance when it was nice outside, and nothing interesting every happened anyway. After all, he thinks, they don’t even know we’re here! Then he remembered that he was to be relieved at 1500.
"At least I’ll get SOME daylight today," he mumbled. "And some is better than none."
A blip on the radar caught his attention. He didn’t think there were any flights scheduled to go through this airspace today. Deciding it was better safe than sorry, he goes through the list of flight plans submitted, confirming the fact that there are no flights going anywhere nearby. He looks up at the radar to see that where there had been one blip, there were now 20, and they were headed straight towards ground zero.
"Oh crap!"
He dives for a button, setting off the warning sirens all over the base. As he is reaching for the controls for the anti-air defense system, the first of the explosions hit. Too late, they were dead in the water. Another explosion, this one closer. But at least we can take a few of them with us, he thinks. Explosions can be heard from all around him now. He looks at the status readout and realizes that the defenses had stopped responding, that had been their first target.
"We never even got a shot off!"
He sits there, paralyzed from fear. He thinks back to his training, and remembers what he was supposed to do in this situation. He flips a switch sending out a distress call. He knows that help won’t arrive in time, but at least they will know what happened. Finally, an explosion rocks the small room, exposing it to the bright light from outside. The force of the blast throws the young technician into the wall with terminal force. The battle was over before it had even began, the defenders being caught totally by surprise. One of the attacking aircraft lands outside the building housing the small room. Two figures emerge and walk towards the building. They step through the gap in the wall created by the blast and survey the damage. Everything is destroyed.
"Primary objective destroyed, the mission is a failure," the first one speaks into a radio. He then looks at the second person. "What now sir?"
"Destroy everything, ensure there are no survivors. Leave no evidence," he replies, and walks back towards the aircraft. The first person relays those orders into the radio and follows. They had failed this time, they would not fail again.

TIME: 1600

Six figures, four men, one woman and one................thing, walk through the rubble, examining everything carefully.
"This is the third attack this week. I don’t like this one bit," the first one states.
"I don’t think any of us do," the second one responds. He looks at the woman, "you picking up anything?"
"Nothing, nothing at all," she replies, "this is out of my area of expertise. It was caused by conventional weapons."
He looks back at the first and asks, "how about you?"
"I’ll start taking a look."
Just then, screams can be heard in the distance. The thing starts cowering in fear. The third one looks up, "one live ember in the entire place and they HAVE to find it. I’ll go check it out."
The first figure walks around looking carefully at the rubble. After a few moments, he speaks up.
"I think I’ve found something."
This grabs the attention of all the others as they gather around to hear what he has to say.
"The blast marks on this piece indicated that it was an explosive force from the inside that hit it. While this piece over here shows stress on the outside."
The second steps forward. "That means that they blasted their way in and then blew it up from the inside."
"Correct. I wonder why they didn’t just blow it up from the outside. They obviously had the firepower."
"Because, they were after something in this building. From the fact that they took the time to destroy everything, that means that they didn’t find it. Otherwise, they would have acted upon it immediately."
"What do you think they were after," the woman asks.
"Not what," he responds, "who. They’re after us."

TIME: 1630

The air conditioners are going strong, keeping the room with 32 computers running at a comfortable 21C. All 32 computers are being used by CWALers that are playing in 4 separate FFA’s. The few CWALers that aren’t playing Starcraft are sitting around drinking coffee. At one table, Mu, Maelstrom, Legion007, Aura, MZ and ManaKnight are having a conversation.
"I do believe that the recent inactivity of our primary opponent should be quite disquieting to all," comments Mu.
Aura gets a baffled look on her face. "Huh?"
"Allow me," Legion says. "What Mu is saying is that we should be worried that Blizzard hasn’t done anything lately."
"Ah, I see." Aura nods in acceptance. "Maybe we should check up on them."
"I believe that our lady companion has a commendable notion. We should scrutinize Blizzard to determine why they are not making any attempts to slay us at this point in time."
"We should spy on Blizzard to see why they aren’t doing anything right now," Legion translates.
"All in favor of this idea, say aye," Maelstrom says.
Maelstrom is greeted by silence as he looks around the table to see everyone staring at him. He shrinks back in his chair and manages to squeak out, "sorry."
Legion gets up and looks at each person in turn, then says, "This needs to be done, lets go."
Everyone nods their head and gets up. They all grab their equipment and head out the door, across the street, and into Blizzard HQ. Stepping through the front door, they see a flurry of activity. Receptionists are running around everywhere. A squad of security guards flood by. Flensers are everywhere. No one is paying any attention to the CWALers.
"Well, I find this situation to be highly aberrant. Past experience states that they should be reacting to the presence of 6 armed CWALers, yet they are not," comments Mu.
"What does that mean," questions Aura.
"He’s saying that it’s strange that they’re ignoring us," Legion responds.
Maelstrom steps forward. "I think it’s time to do something about that."
Before anyone can stop him, Maelstrom starts yelling "Hey Blizzard, come get us!!" at the top of his lungs. All the receptionists, security guards, and flensers stop and turn towards the small group. The HP steps out of one doorway and looks around.
"Why are you all just STANDING there? You have work to do," he yells. Looking around some more, he notices the CWALers. "Oh, that’s why. We don’t have time to deal with CWAL, get rid of them."
The army of Blizzard employees start advancing on the CWALers.
"My outlook on this predicament indicates that the best course of action would be to remove our persons from this edifice at the first plausible opportunity," Aura says.
The CWALers all stop and look at Aura with their mouths wide open. Mu is the first to speak.
"I think she said we should get out of here quickly," translates Legion, "and I agree."
The small band of CWALers make a break for the door, and since there wasn’t anyone in between them and the door, they reach it without incident. Back in CWAL HQ, they sit down to discuss what they saw. ManaKnight is the first to speak up.
"Well, I think it’s safe to assume that they’re up to something, and that what ever it is is BIG."
"I do believe that ManaKnight has correctly analyzed and presented the dilemma created by the current situation," Mu comments. "The only factor he neglected would be the question that I now present to all of you. What do you believe would be the best course of action for us to take in this current situation?"
"I say we try and find out what they are up to, it might concern us," Maelstrom answers.
"It’s Blizzard, anything this big is bound to have bad consequences for us. I say we dig deeper," comments Legion.
"It seems then that we will follow that path then. Let us proceed."
Once again, the group of CWALers get up and head towards Blizzard.

TIME: 0400

A young technician is working the midnight shift. Music can be heard throughout the listening station. To pass the time, he practices his putting. He sets down the ball and lines up the putt, when he notices a red light flashing. Surprised to see this light flashing, he goes over and presses a button. Over a nearby speaker, strange sounds are heard. Hearing this, he goes for the phone.

TIME: 0401

A bedroom. It is dark, and there is a figure sleeping in the bed, barely visible. He is snoring quite loudly when the phone rings.
"If this isn’t an insanely beautiful woman, I’m hangin up."
"Sir, I think you should listen this."
At the other end of the connection, the technician holds the phone up to a speaker. From the speaker, much noise can be heard. At this sound, he jumps out of bed, but unfortunately hits his head while doing so.

TIME: 0415

"Okay, what have we got?"
"Well, there is a large and noisy force coming at us sir."
"Any identification yet?"
"No sir. Um, sir?"
"Yes, what is it?"
"They’ve stopped."
Then, all the action in the room stopped. Everyone who had come in looked at the technician.
"They’ve just stopped sir. Radar stills shows them as being far out of firing range."
"What the hell are they doing then...."
Before anyone can answer, the room begins to fill with gas.
"I believe it was a distraction sir....."
The technician barely manages to finish his sentence before he succumbs to the gas’s effects. Soon everyone falls victim to the gas. As soon as no one is left standing, the gas starts to be circulated out of the room. Soon the air is breathable again. The door opens and two figures walk in.
"Sir, the operation has been a complete success this time," the first one says.
"Excellent, we have taken our objective intact."
He walks over to a computer and starts going through files. After a few minutes, he finds what he is looking for. He grabs the radio from the other and speaks into it.
"Get me command. Thank you. Sir, we’ve found the command cell. Yessir, their coordinates as well. Understood sir, we’re returning to base."
After the conversation he gets up.
"Our orders are to return to base immediately."
"We aren’t to destroy everything sir?"
"No, we’re going to take them out at the top. Eliminate their command personnel."
"Understood sir."
With that, the two walk out of the room, leaving the computer on. On the screen, 1 large, flashing word is plainly visible. Starcraft.

TIME: 0530

The CEO is sitting in his office when a secretary comes in and hands him a message.
"Sir, this just came in from allied command."
The CEO looks at the message. "WHAT?!? You mean they’ve been HERE all along?!? Get the HP, at least we have the location of their base now. I want our forces assembled outside in 1 hour."

TIME: 0615

"Well, something big is happening. Look at all those troops."
Mu, Maelstrom, Legion007, Aura, MZ and ManaKnight are hiding behind a hill watching the activity in front of Blizzard HQ. Rows upon rows of Flensers are being assembled, as well as hordes of Zerglings, Hydralisks and Ultralisks. Marines and Firebats were moving throughout the force. Mutalisks could be seen flying overhead. One sight surprised the CWALers. In the center of the force was a horde of, well, the Horde. A large number of Ogre-Magi was present, as well as an unusually large number of sappers. To top it all off, there was a small force of Death Knights.
"That’s Maelstrom, master of stating the obvious."
"Using a deductive method on the information we have come to posses throughout the night, I would say that Blizzard is preparing for an assault on some force or another."
"With that big of a force, it’s gotta be CWAL. Anyone else would be overkill I’d think."
"Good point. Let’s get back HQ and warn everyone."
The CWALers move quickly and silently from their hiding spot back to Headquarters.

TIME: 0630

"Are the forces ready HP?"
"Yes they are CEO."
"Excellent. Well, lets get this show on the road. Have them proceed to the rendezvous point to meet up with the others."
The HP obediently goes off to relay the orders. Soon the small army is off. The thunder of their footsteps can be heard for miles around. Actually, it is so loud and forceful, it was reported as an earthquake that night on the local 6 o’clock news.


"Oh no, they’re starting to move!"
Alarms start going off throughout CWAL HQ. All the CWALers are prepared for battle. The defensive systems are armed and primed. The tension was so thick, you could cut it with a knife. Okay, a rusty butter knife, but still. Maelstrom was keeping an eye on the attack force, when he noticed something strange.
"Um, why are they going the other way?"
"WHAT?!?" all the CWALers yelled in unison.
"They’re going in the opposite direction, AWAY from us!"
"It would seem that our diagnosis of the situation is horribly erroneous. It is now obvious to us all that CWAL is not their target as we had previously believed. Upon seeing this new factor, I would say that their target would be none other than PFBS."
"Maybe we should help them"
This suggestion from Fjorxc was greeted with grumbling from the CWALers. From another room, Paranoid CWALer is heard yelling, "IT’S ALL A CONSPIRACY!!! IF WE GO OUT THERE, THEY’RE GONNA ATTACK US!!!! HEY!!! Why’re you coming at me with that needle, Mu? NO!!! AHHHHHH!!!! GET AWAY FROM ME!!!!! This stuff doesn’t work on......" Paranoid CWALer trails off. A thump is heard as something hits the ground in the other room. Dark Chrono steps forward.
"Forks is right. They saved us once, we should return the favor."
Dark Chrono is greeted with grumblings of agreement.
"Good. Now lets go! Rask, just in case, keep the defenses active."
The mass numbers of CWALers file out of the HQ, leaving just the unconscious Paranoid CWALer and MZ behind.

TIME 0700

"Wow, are THEY ever in for some trouble."
The CWALers are watching a very dangerous scene unfold below. Along with the forces sent by Blizzard, troops from other companies can be seen forming up into a unified attack force. K-Bots can be seen milling around in the sea of troops. Several AT-AT walkers and a number of smaller AT-ST walkers tower above the troops. Not quite as large, but not exactly small, a force of MCAs sent from Monolith stand ready. A battalion of Mechs from Activision march towards the growing army. 5 airships, the Red Wings sent from SquareSoft, set down, as does a flight of Orcas.
"No kidding. That’s the most troops I’ve ever seen in one place at one time. I wonder what they did to deserve THIS!"
"It is doubtful that we would have time to figure that out at this moment, the unified army seems to be on the move again."
Down below, the throng of troops began to move forward, out into the desert.

TIME: 0715

"It’s just a matter of time before they find us."
"I’d tend to agree. All we have to do now is wait."
No sooner does Magni finish his sentence than Bergling starts running in circles and screaming at the top of his lungs.
"Looks like we don’t even have to wait anymore. Are the countermeasures in place, Whyte?"
"Yes. I just have to do a check on the backups."
"Good, cause we don’t have much time now."


"THAT’S PFBS HQ?!?" screams the Blizzard HP.
"Yes, they tend to rely more on secrecy than heavy defenses," answers the Westwood HP.
"This should be easy then." Grinning, the HP gives the order to attack. As soon as the troops start to move, something completely unexpected by the HPs happens. From PFBS HQ, loud enough to be heard back in Irvine if you listened hard enough, Wagner’s "Ride of the Valkyries" can be heard (AUTHOR’S NOTE: Yes, I did have to look that up). The HP looks puzzled. "They sure like their music loud. Don’t you think it’s a bit of a coincidence that they just happen to play that song RIGHT when we’re attacking?" A frown spreads across the HP’s face. "Oh crap. They know we’re coming."
"Great," the Monolith HP says. "That means they’ll know who killed them."


"Here they come!"
Kebs looks at Dark Nexus. "We don’t have any hounds."
"We don’t?"
"Why not?"
"Because you forgot to get the dog licenses, that’s why."
Dark Nexus grins sheepishly. "Oh yeah, forgot about that. Uh, okay...... I know. DON’T FIRE UNTIL YOU SEE THE WHITES OF THEIR EYES!!!"
"We either can’t see their eyes at all, or their eyes don’t have any white."
"How about, ‘fire’?"
"Um, yeah, let’s go with that."
Dark Nexus hits a button on a control panel, activating the defense matrix. Grinning, he looks out the window at the advancing force. "Time to play!"
"That one was better."
"Thank you."


The jaws of 50 CWALers drop simultaneously. In front of them, what seemed like a normal cliff wall is now bristling with weaponry.
"Someone want to tell me where I can get some of those?" Maggott says, pointing at the guns.
"Uh oh, when Maggott asks where he can get weapons he sees, that’s BOUND to mean SOMETHING..."


"Oh no."
The Westwood HP slaps the Blizzard HP across the back of the head. "Don’t you know ANYTHING?!? NEVER say anything along the lines of ‘this is gonna be easy’!!!!"


"Everyone ready?"
The PFBSers all nod at Dark Nexus.
"Okay, let’s...."
Suddenly, the music changes to heavy techno. Bergling cowers. "Sorry, I guess I taped over it by mistake."
"Well, I don’t have time to deal with this now, so I’ll get to you LATER! Now, where was I? Oh yes. Okay, let’s go!"
The PFBSers charge out of the HQ and into battle, none to soon. Even though the massive number of defensive guns had taken quite a large toll on the attacking force, through sheer numbers they had managed to reach the base and were flooding through the front door. Outside, the heavy artillery tries to blast the defenses without much luck. Every time they fire at one, it moves. The AT-ATs were the first to go, and number of the AT-STs, Mechs and MCAs are little more than smoking hulks littering the battlefield.
From a distance, the CWALers watch as a number of sappers charge at the wall of the base. Before they reach it however, one of the guns swivels and fires at them, right when they were in the middle of a large group of Zerg.


Maelstrom wipes a piece of Zergling off his face. "Well THAT was rather gruesome...."
Dark Chrono looks over the battle and frowns. Well, as much as one can without a mouth. Even with the amazing showing by the defense systems, the battle was not going well. He ignites his psi-blades. "It’s time we joined in."
With a war cry that would make Dracula cringe, Squeeky charged into battle. A few moments later, after recovering from the shock of hearing such a small mouse let out a yell like that, the rest of the CWALers charged into battle.

Hearing a scream that would have chilled his blood if he hadn’t have been a robot, the HP turned around to see where it came from. Doing so, he sees a little spec in the distance holding a gun significantly larger. He turns around and taps the Westwood HP on the shoulder.
"What is it?"
"We have a bit of unexpected company."
The HP points at the charging mass of battle-ready CWALers. "THAT company."
"Oh." The Westwood HP speaks into a radio. "All Orcas divert and attack the approaching hostiles. Keep them busy."

Fron looks up into the air and sees the incoming Orcas. "Oh crap. Forks, where the hell are you!"
Even though he couldn’t possibly have heard Fron, Fjorxc appears on the scene, followed by Bee, Dragoneyes, Krath, Seraph, Liz, Moogle, War2Guy and Shriek.
"Sorry it took so long, I wanted to stop off for some ice cream."
"No problem Forks, you got here just in time. NOW TAKE OUT THOSE ORCAS!!!"
"I’M GOING DOWN!!!!" yells War2Guy.
"Try and hit that AT-AT!!! It’s the last one!"
Obediently, War2Guy crashes his F-18 into the Imperial walker, completely trashing it.
Meanwhile, back in the air, the flying CWALers engage the enemy Orcas. Fjorxc takes out the first one with his sidewinders. Dragoneyes and Krath each land on the cockpit of an Orca and rip through the windshield, pulling the pilot out. Shriek lands on another Orca and starts ripping through the hull. Finally, he reaches the circuitry and starts ripping it apart. Liz flies up beside an Orca and casts ensnare on the engines. Being all gummed up and unable to spin fast enough, the Orca crashes into the ground. Hard. Fjorxc takes another out with his chaingun. Seraph points the schmisser at one of the Orcas and fires. The bullets rip through the windshield, killing the pilot. Bee is stabbing through the hull with his stinger in an attempt to hit something vital. Moogle lands on the back of one Orca and starts to dance. A whirlwind appears, sending the Orca crashing into a cliff. Dragoneyes comes at one of the Orcas from below breathing fire, fusing the engines to the body of the craft. Unable to work at all now, the Orca goes down in a spectacular fireball. Liz looks at another Orca and casts spawn broodling on the pilot, and since broodlings can’t fly Orcas, you can guess what happened. Bee, furiously stabbing at the Orca, finally manages to hit something critical, as the aircraft spins out of control. Krath, seeing the last Orca making a run for it, flies up behind it and grabs the tail. Using immense strength, he bends the metal of the airframe. In its new shape, the Orca can’t maintain stability and crashes into one of the airships, destroying both. Suddenly, the radio in Fjorxc’s Orca goes off. Dark Nexus is heard over the speaker.
"Thanks for the help, Forks. Now, think you can take out the rest of those pesky fliers for us?"
"Sure thing."

Back inside PFBS HQ, the battle is not going well. Despite their efforts, the PFBSers are being pushed farther and farther back into the recesses of their base. Even worse, they’re getting separated. A pyro K-Bot is standing at the door to the bathroom, killing Bergling over and over again. Down in the basement, a pair of K-Bots have Deamon cornered. One of the K-Bots goes to fire, and Deamon jumps into action. He jumps at the K-Bot and quickly wraps himself around the arm. He then forces the gun to point directly at the K-Bot’s head as it fires. Seeing the second K-Bot coming for him, a spike suddenly shoots out from his mass and directly through the command center of the second K-Bot.

Upstairs, Thunder and Magni are fighting against the oncoming tide of marines and firebats. Seeing how the battle is going, Thunder sees only one way to survive this wave. Reaching into a nearby cupboard, he grabs something and tosses it to Magni. "Magni, CATCH!"
Magni reaches out and grabs it. He looks at it. "Ohhh.... cola flavored!" He downs the frozen carbonated beverage. His eyes widen and he pulls out a roll of duct tape. Grinning he charges into battle. Soon, most of the marines are taped to the wall.

Dark Nexus wasn’t faring as well. The Hydralisks had him in retreat down a hall. Reaching the end of the hall, he goes through the door, shutting it behind him. Looking around, a big grin spreads across his face.

"Good work Magni, good thing that FCB was there!"
"Yeah, no kidding."
"Where did DN go?"
"I think I saw him heading down that hall over there, being chased by Hydralisks."
"He’ll need our help, lets go!"
Magni and Thunder charge down the hall and are nearing a corner when a group of hydralisks come running back around the corner and running away. In unison, they look at each other. "What the...."
Right behind the Hydralisks, Dark Nexus rounds the corner, carrying a LOT of weaponry. "They chased me into the weapons lab."
"That explains it."
"Oh yeah."
"Come on, lets go find the others."

A group of firebats are searching the housing area for the Speds. Opening a door, they come across their quarry. "Light it up!"
In unison, the Speds respond, "all right!"
Before the firebats can do anything, the Speds let loose their flames. It just happened to be the Speds’ room, so everything was flammable. Everything around the firebats erupted into flame. Soon, all that was left was a few piles of ashes.

Outside, the CWALers have finally reached the main battle field. Lothos stumbles upon a group of Death Knights. They all turn towards him and their staffs start to glow a faint green. Lothos breaks into a strange grin and pulls out his Death Knight staff. "Hey, mine does that too!"
In the distance, strange screams can be heard and bones can be seen flying everywhere.

He kept killing and killing but there seemed to be no end to the zerglings. Kazz was already standing in a pile of dead zerglings 3 feet high. "Die you stupid zerg!"
"REVVVVVVV!" Fluffy added, and together they continued to kill the zerglings on their way to PFBS HQ.

The Ogre-Magi were so busy casting bloodlust that they failed to notice another join their ranks. Finally, one of them notices. "Hey, where did/you come from?"
"Duh, I was here/the entire time!"
As soon as the Ogre mage turned around, ZoZo whacked him over the head. The others turn around and charge at him. Thinking quick for once, ZoZo casts runes in their path. Not seeing this in time, the remaining Ogre-Magi charge into the magical land mines. ZoZo charges off to find another battle, quite pleased with his quick thinking.

Like ZoZo, Sofielisk had infiltrated the ranks of a group of Hydralisks. Sneaking up behind them, she was trying to decide what to do.
"I say we just get them now!" Sofie screamed.
"No, we have to wait for later," Jasmine argued.
"I don’t like this, it’s too dangerous!" Sassy declared.
"That’s it, it’s go time!"
Sofie in control, the spines flew out, skewering a number of the hydralisks. The rest of the group turned around.
"I think we should listen to Sassy this time."
"Yeah, that would be a good idea."
"Well, I say RUN!"
Now with Sassy in control, the hydralisk body takes off, with 5 other hydralisks in pursuit.

Dark Chrono was lost in the fight. He had just let his mind go as he battled towards the front door. So, it came as a surprise to him when he finally reached it. Turning around, he yelled to the other CWALers. "Everyone inside!" All the CWALers that wern’t currently engaged in a fight headed for the open doorway and followed Dark Chrono inside.

In the main room of PFBS HQ, nothing much was left. Dark Nexus, Thunder and Magni emerged from one hall just as the Speds emerged from another.
"You guys okay?"
The Speds nod at Dark Nexus.
"Now, where are the rest of them?"
From down one of the other halls, yelling can be heard. "Stupid spell had to backfire on me! Hey! Get away from me you zerg! Oh no, this is bad!"
Dark Nexus grabs one of the weapons and opens his mouth, about to speak, but Thunder stops him. "No, let me." Thunder pulls out the biggest gun he can find and grins. "Good... bad... I’m the guy with the gun."
They all go charging down the hall with a grin on their faces. They stop at the corner and Dark Nexus holds up his hand, indicating in a count of 5. Silently, he lips the numbers. At 5, they all jump around the corner. Dark Nexus fires the weapon in his hands. Vines shoot out of the barrel and grab 5 Zerglings and start bashing them against each other. Realizing that this weapon is now useless, Dark Nexus grabs another. While he is doing so, Thunder fires. An explosion rocks the base as he blows out a wall. With the wall, he also managed to destroy a dozen hydralisks. Kebs finally gets her spell to work, and the remaining Zerg are turned into dust bunnies.
"Thanks for the help."
"No problem"
She looks at the guns Dark Nexus is carrying. "Now I know what has you so happy."
"Yep, now I’d suggest we get out of here!"
The PFBSers charge off towards their destination.

Having decided it would probably be safer, Deamon moved through the air ducts to the control room. That was bound to be where they would regroup. Moving up to the vent, he sees a group of 3 marines standing around.
"We really gonna blow this place?"
"Only if we see a PFBSer."
Using this as his cue, Deamon burst out of the vent and onto the middle marine.
"Ah! Get this thing off me!"
Moving up to the head of the marine, Deamon leaves the mouth uncovered and waits until his victim stumbles in right between the other two marines. As soon as he is, he starts to strangle the marine.
As Deamon predicted, the other two marines opened fire. Jumping out of the way as they fire, he watches as the bullets tear through the marine’s head, and straight across into each other. "Perfect," he thought. Across the room, the door begins to open. About to jump into action again, Deamon manages to restrain himself as Dark Nexus comes through. "Good to see you here."
"Wouldn’t have missed it for the world. It’s time for scorched earth."
"You sure we need it?"
"Positive. There are just to many of them. You all know what to do."
Magni, Thunder, Kebs and Dark Nexus all go to a computer terminal and log in.
"Activate Scorched Earth procedure. Authorization, Magni."
"Activate Scorched Earth procedure. Authorization, Thunder."
"Activate Scorched Earth procedure. Authorization, Kebs."
"Activate Scorched Earth procedure. Authorization, Dark Nexus."
"Scorched Earth procedure initiated."
"Silent countdown, starting at 15 minutes."
"Acknowledged. Starting 15 minute countdown, now."
"May I suggest that we get out of here?"
"Good idea. Oh wait, can’t forget this."
Dark Nexus goes to the vault and opens it. Inside is a singular CD. He takes it and stashes it somewhere on himself. "Now we can go."
Exiting out to the main foyer, the PFBSers are greeted with an ugly site. Waiting for them was an army of Flensers.
"This is NOT good."
"Maybe it IS a good day to die!"
Dark Nexus pulls out his shotgun and looks at Thunder. "I don’t know about you, but I plan on living a bit longer yet."
As Dark Nexus prepares for battle, a pair of Psi-blades rip through one of the Flensers. To the left of this, one of the Flensers gets splattered with paint and gets its motors jammed. Another falls over, having shorted out. Over to the right, another does the same, this time an audible zap is heard. Beside this, a Flenser gets a pitchfork through the head. Another is peppered with sporks. Through the hole created in the line of Flensers, the members of CWAL flood in.
"Need a little help?"
Together, the CWALers and PFBSers clean the room out quickly and efficiently. After the battle is over, Dark Nexus turns to Dark Chrono and hands him the CD. "Fearless wanted you to have this, and I’d suggest you get out of here NOW. This place is rigged to go up in a few minutes. Take the back door though, down that passage over there, and thanks."
"You’re welcome," Dark Chrono says as the PFBSers take off in another direction. "Well, you heard him, lets get out of here!" With that, the CWALers head down the side passage out the back door to the base.

"Excellent, the CWALers are now in the base too. We have them trapped. Everyone into the building!" yells the Cavedog HP.
"I don’t know that that’s such a good idea"
"How long have you been trying to deal with these scum? Too long. Now I know why they’re still around."
"Fine, but I warned you."
The various HPs follow the last of the army into the base.

"How long do we have?"
"About 3 minutes."
"Is that long enough?"
"If Whyte has everything ready, yes."
The PFBSers continue descending farther and farther into the base. Soon, however, they reach their destination. Opening the doors, they enter a large launch bay.
"Everything in order Whyte?"
"Yes. How much time left?"
"Two minutes and change."
"This is gonna be cutting it close. Everyone get in and strap up. We’re getting out of here."
Whyte leads them to a strange looking aircraft, a cross between a stealth bomber and a Leer jet. They all get in and strap into their seats. Whyte takes the pilot’s seat and begins the startup procedure. Thunder starts to sing "Leaving on a Jet Plane".
"Didn’t you forget to do something?"
"What’s that?"
"Oh yeah."

Back upstairs, the HPs manage to find the control room. Entering, they look around. On every screen in the room, numbers are counting down. The LucasArts HP looks at the countdown. "Out of curiosity, anyone know what happens when this reaches zero?"
"I don’t think we want to find out."
"I don’t think we have a choice."
The counter is at 15 seconds.
"I told you so."

"Main boosters initiated. We’re outta here!"
On the control board, there is a LED display showing the same timer the HPs are looking at. It continues to count down. 3... 2... 1... 0.
The PFBSers all grab the arms of their chairs as the HQ explodes behind them. Less than a second later, the shockwave created by the blast slams into the aircraft, sending it into a spin. Alarms start going off all around them.
"Navigation, down. Weapons, down. Thrust, 50%. Stabilizers, down. Fuel, 35%. We’re gonna make it, as long as we don’t run into any turbulence on the way."

From a safe distance, the CWALers watch the massive fireball rise into the sky.
"Do you think they got out?"
"Probably. I don’t think the same can be said about their attackers however."
"What’s on the disk?"
"Let’s find out." Dark Chrono pulls out a CD reader and inserts the CD. After a few moments, he looks at the rest of the CWALers. "It seems there is more to PFBS than meets the eye...."

The CEO is sitting at his desk, waiting for the HP to report that the attack was a complete success when the LCG walks in.
"Sir, I have bad news. About an hour ago, the HP’s responder stopped. I’ve determined that this is not because of jamming."
"What does that mean?"
"It means that the HP was destroyed."
"In that case, make another one. And make this one smarter than the last one. And less annoying. And less likely to question orders. And......"
By this time, the LCG had drowned out the CEO. He was actually pleased at the idea of creating another automaton. This one would be even better than the last, and much more successful....

(Fade to black)