Cheating the Reaper

(Scene: An abandoned warehouse)

*PFBS is surrounded by an army of Flensers. It matters not how they got here, only that they are here now.*

Thunder: I have a bad feeling about this.....

Dark Nexus: Kebs, can you get us out of here?

Kebs: No, someone or something is blocking my spell.

Nexus: Looks like we’re going to have to do this the old fashioned way then. Good thing we brought explosive rounds for the shotguns this time.

Thunder: Lets rock.

*Over the next few moments, an extremely large amount of firepower is let loose. Magni tangles up a large number of Flensers. Bergling gets killed. The Speds manage to flash-fry a number of the Flensers. Thunder takes out groups of Flensers with a grenade launcher. Magnus starts ripping through the Flenser hoard with his psi-forks. Dark Nexus and Kebs are blowing the Flensers up one by one with their explosive shotgun rounds. Moments later, the number of Flensers is significantly lower.*

Kebs: I’m running low on ammo.

Nexus: I am too. I suggest that we make our exit.

Magni: That is a good idea.

*The PFBSers make their way towards the door.*

"Not so fast."

*They all stop, except for the Speds, who just move slower.*

Nexus: Guys, that actually meant stop, not go slower.

*The Speds rejoin the rest of the group. The PFBSers look around attempting to discern the source of the voice. A figure emerges from the shadows. He is carrying a large black sword.*

Sephroth: I cannot let you leave.

Kebs: Such strong power emanating from him. He is the reason my teleportation spell didn’t work.

Sephroth: Yes, it was an easy spell to block. Now, you must all die.

*Sephroth makes a move to attack, but he staggers and takes a step back. He looks at Kebs.*

Sephroth: You are more powerful than I though. No matter, I will just have to take care of you first.

Kebs: Everyone, get out of here, NOW!

Nexus: We aren’t leaving you here!

Kebs: I SAID GO!

Nexus: All right, you heard her, everyone out!

*While Kebs has a battle of the mind with Sephroth, the rest of PFBS makes their escape.*

(Scene: Outside the warehouse)

Nexus: We have to go back for her, he is too strong. He’ll destroy her!

Magni: If she needs help, then we’d need help if we went back there. She is better equipped for that fight than any of us, and we’d only get in the way. She is making this sacrifice for us, would you want it to be in vain?

Nexus (reluctantly): You’re right. Lets get out of here.

*The PFBSers run off down the street, away from the warehouse.*

(Meanwhile, back in the warehouse)

Kebs: -=At least my friends have escaped.=-

Sephroth: -=No matter, I will hunt them down later. But now, you will die.=-

Kebs: -=We’ll see about that.=-

*The two continue their battle. Kebs begins to weaken noticeably.*

Sephroth: -=You are starting to weaken. Just give up, you must realize that you can’t win.=-

Kebs: -=I’m not spent just yet.=-

*As Kebs says these words, Sephroth staggers back.*

Sephroth: -=Is that the best you can do?=-

*Kebs gets forcefully knocked back.*

Kebs: -=You’re right, I can’t win, but I’ll die trying.=-

Sephroth: -=So be it.=-

*Sephroth’s eyes begin to glow a brighter red than before. Kebs clutches her head and falls to the ground, obviously in pain. Outside the warehouse, an inhuman scream is heard for miles around. Inside, Sephroth stands over Kebs’ broken body.*

Sephroth: All to easy, but you did provide me with more of a challenge than most. I’ll hunt down your friends later.

*With that, he plunges his sword into her heart.*

(Scene: Down the street and around the corner)

*Dark Nexus stumbles forward.*

Nexus: She’s dead.

Thunder: We can’t know that for sure, she might survive.

Nexus: No, she IS dead, I can feel it......

Magni: Umm, how are we going to get back to base?

Thunder: Good question.

*They see a car begin to levitate.*

Magnus: Everyone in!

*Everyone gets into the car and float back to PFBS HQ.*

(Scene: PFBS HQ)

*The car crashes into the ground in front of the HQ. Everyone gets out and goes inside.*

Whyte: So, was the mission a success?

Magni: It was a trap. There was an army of Flensers waiting for us at the warehouse, along with Sephroth. Kebs didn’t make it.

Whyte: That terrible.

Thunder: If it wasn’t for her, we wouldn’t have made it either. She kept Sephroth occupied long enough for us to get out of there.

Whyte: Well, we must pay her the proper respects.

(Scene: Kebs’ memorial service)

Priest: We are gathered here today to pay our final respects.....

Dark Nexus: -=I can’t believe she’s dead. There must have been SOMETHING I could have done to save her.......=-

"I’m not dead, but it sure seems that way, doesn’t it?"

*Dark Nexus looks around trying to figure out where the voice came from.*

"You won’t find what you are looking for."

*Nexus leans over to Thunder.*

Nexus: Do you hear that?

"No he can’t. You are the only one who can hear me."

Thunder: Hear what?

Nexus: Never mind.

Nexus: -=I must be going crazy.=-

"No, you’re not. Well, at least no more than you were before."

Nexus: -=Where the hell is that coming from? It can’t be Kebs, I know she’s dead, and how does it know what I’m thinking?=-

"No, I’m not dead, for the second time. Just my body. As for how I know what you are thinking, I’m inside your head."

Nexus: -=How did you get yourself in there?=-

"Well, as Sephroth killed me, he let down his block on my magic. I was able to make my escape, or at least make my consciousness escape. I probably wouldn’t have had the strength to do even that, except you have an exceptionally strong link to me. Not sure why. That helped the transfer along."

Nexus: -=Oh boy, this could get interesting........=-

"There is a way for me to get back into my body, but first we need to retrieve it."

Nexus: Easier said than done.

Thunder: What?

Nexus: -=Did I say that out loud?=- Oh, nothing.

"Well, we have to try."

*Meanwhile, across the room, Magni is looking at Dark Nexus."

Magni: Hey, Magnus, take a look at DN.

*The two of them watch as the look on Dark Nexus’ face goes from a look of confusion, to a look of astonishment, to a look of joy, then to a look of perplexity.*

Magnus: What’s wrong with him?

Magni: I don’t know, but it worries me. I’ve never seen him act like this.

(Scene: PFBS war room, 1 hour later)

*All the PFBSers except Dark Nexus are there.*

Thunder: Do you have any idea what this is about?

Magni: No, but he seemed to be acting strange a little earlier. I think that he’s taken Kebs’ death really hard.

Thunder: Yeah, I think he was hearing things earlier.

*Dark Nexus walks in and sits down.*

Nexus: Okay people, we have a new mission. We must retrieve Kebs’ body from that warehouse.

*Thunder and Magni exchange a glance.*

Magni: Ummmm, wouldn’t that be a needless waste of time? I mean, it would probably be dangerous and she is dead after all.

"I’m not dead"

Nexus: No you’re not.

Magni: Huh? (To Thunder) Yep, he’s lost it.

*Thunder nods.*

Nexus: Trust me on this one, Magni, it’s worth it.

Magni (To Thunder): Maybe we should humor him on this.

*Thunder nods.*

Magni: Okay, when do we leave?

Nexus: As soon as we’re ready.

(Scene: Outside the warehouse, 2 hours later)

Nexus: Lets just hope that Sephroth is gone.

"He’s gone. The place is completely empty."

Nexus: You sure?


Nexus: Good. That will make it much easier.

*Magni and Thunder look at each other.*

Magni: Do you know who he is talking to?

Thunder: No, I was hoping you did.

*They both just shrug.*

Magni & Thunder: Oh well.

*They enter the warehouse. It is completely empty.*

"See? I told you."

Nexus: Yes, you did.

Magni (to Thunder): Maybe we should just ask him.

Thunder: Yeah, sure, go ahead.

Magni (to DN): DN, who are you talking to?

Nexus: Kebs.

*Magni looks at Thunder and makes the crazy sign with his hand. You know, the one where you point at your head and make your hand go around in circles?*

Magni: You do realize that Kebs is dead, you can’t be talking to her.


Nexus: Yes, I know! I was about to tell him that! She’s not dead, she’s just, well, out of body. Her consciousness is in my head right now.

Magni: Yeah, SURE she is.

*Magni walks back to Thunder.*

Magni: He’s completely lost it. He insists that Kebs is inside his head.

Thunder: I think maybe we should start looking for some professional help for him after this.

Magni: What kind of help? Psychiatrist, or exorcist?

Thunder: Well, we’ll try the shrink first. If that doesn’t work, then we’ll try the exorcist.

Magni: Sounds good.

"They think you’re completely nuts."

Nexus: I know. Wouldn’t you think the same if someone claimed that inside their head they had the consciousness of a person that by all indications was dead?

"Good point."

Nexus: I thought so. (to the others) Okay, time to find that body!

*They all start looking around.*

"Hey, wait!"

Nexus: What?

"I think I saw something back there"

Nexus: How could you have seen anything?

"I can look through your eyes."

Nexus: Oh. Anything else you aren’t telling me?

"Ummm, no, why would you say that?"

*Nexus turns around and goes back the way he came.*

"See! There! I told you I saw something!"

Nexus: Yeah, yeah, you did.

*In the corner is Kebs’ dead body.*

Nexus: Hey, guys! Over here!

*The rest of PFBS head for where Dark Nexus is calling from.*

Magnus: Yeah, that’s it all right.

Nexus: Lets get it out of here and back to HQ.

Magnus: Yeah. Hey, this sure was an easy mission.

*They all stop and look at him.*

Magnus: What?

Thunder: You just had to say it, didn’t you?

Magnus: Say what?

Thunder: That this was easy!

Magnus: So?

Magni: Leave it to the newbie to screw things up.....

Thunder: Well, since you said that it was easy, that means that things are going to get significantly harder, and probably soon.

*The doors to the warehouse open, and Flensers start coming in.*


Nexus: Uh-oh.

"This could be a problem"

Nexus: No kidding.

(Scene: Nearby house)

*A man finishes wiring up something.*

Man: At last my invention is complete! I shall rule the world! Now to turn the power on.

*He reaches for the switch, failing to notice the chunk of metal that had gotten lodged in between 2 transformers after the last battle at the warehouse. He turns on the power. The machine explodes, sending out a massive EMP shock wave.*

(Meanwhile, in the warehouse...)

Thunder: How are we gonna get out of this one?

Magni: I have no clue.

*Suddenly, all the Flensers just shut down.*

Nexus: What just happened?

"Who cares! Lets get out of here!"

Nexus: Good idea.

*The PFBSers head for the door.*

"Um, aren’t you forgetting something?"

Nexus: Huh? Oh yeah, guys, we forgot the body!

*They turn around and pick up Kebs’ body, THEN head for the door and exit the building. A few minutes later, the door opens, and Dark Chrono, Fron, Fjorxc, and Dragoneyes come through.*

DC: This is where the informant said that he’d meet us.

DE: Uh, I think this was supposed to be an ambush.

Fron: What makes you say that?

DE: Oh, just those powered down Flensers over there.

Fron: That would be a good indication.

(Scene: PFBS HQ)

*Dark Nexus comes through the door carrying Kebs.*

Nexus: (Grunting) Woah, you’re heavy!

"Shut up. I was on a diet."

*DN sets the body down on a table.*

Nexus: Good idea.

*Suddenly, his arm reaches up like it had a life of his own, and he hits himself across the back of his head.*

Nexus: Ow! Why’d you do that? Wait a minute, how’d you do that?!?!?!?!?

"You know why. As for how, I’m not too sure myself. I thought about it happening, and it did. This could make things easier."

Nexus: Well please don’t do that again!

*Thunder and Magni are across the room watching this.*

Magni: I’ll get the yellow pages.

Thunder: Good idea.

*Back across the room, DN is standing over the body.*

Nexus: Okay, now what?

"Now we’d better get Whyte to patch me up."

Nexus: Good idea.

*Dark Nexus picks up the body and heads down the hall to see Whyte.*

(15 minute later)

*Dark Nexus comes in and sets Kebs’ body back down on the table.*

Nexus: That didn’t take long.

"Now we need to set up the spell components."

Nexus: All right, where do we start?

*Dark Nexus begins the process of setting up the spell components under the guidance of Kebs.*

(Scene: PFBS HQ, 1 hour later)

*There is a knock at the door. Magni goes and answers it. Outside, there is a Freud look-alike.*

FLA: Is zis ze PFBS Headquarters?

Magni: Yes, it is. Are you the shrink we sent for?

FLA: Yes, I am, but I prefer ze term psychiatrist.

Magni: Yes, of course. This way.

*Magni leads the Freud Look-Alike to the room where Dark Nexus is setting up for the spell.*

FLA: Okay, now vould you please leave, I need to be alone with ze patient.

*Dark Nexus looks up as Magni leaves the room.*

Nexus: Who are you?

FLA: I am ze psychiatrist you friends sent for.

Nexus: Great, a shrink. Well, I suppose that there is only one way to get rid of you, start asking the questions.

FLA: Good, zen ve vill begin. Your friends say zat you believe that the consciousness of a dead friend is in your head, is zis true?

"Of course it’s true, and I’M NOT DEAD!"

Nexus: I know your not, so please don’t yell. Remember I’m the only one who can hear you.


Nexus: Apology accepted. (To the shrink) Yes, this is true.

FLA: Vell, I could tell zat by your discussion. Vat makes you think zis?

Nexus: Because she actually is in my head.

FLA: Oh, I see. Zis is going to be harder zan I thought.

"He just doesn’t get it, does he."

Nexus: No, he doesn’t.

FLA: Now, exactly how did you feel about zis Kebs?

Nexus: She was a friend.


Nexus: Crap, I forgot that she can read my mind!

"Yes, you did."

Nexus: This isn’t good.

"I wouldn’t say that."

Nexus: You aren’t the one who has been keeping that secret for so long.

"True. If it makes you feel any better, I can only read your active thoughts."

Nexus: Oh, that helps.

"Well, maybe this will help. I’m quite flattered knowing what you really think of me, and that explains why you can be so protective some times."

Nexus: Actually, that does help.

"Now, do you think we could get rid of this guy before my body decays?"

Nexus: Yeah, that might be a good idea.

FLA: Now, you must forget about zis Kebs. She is dead. How exactly did she die again?

Nexus: She sacrificed her life to save ours.

FLA: Very noble of her, but vat vas she doing in a dangerous situation in the first place?

*Dark Nexus gets up and punches the look-alike in the face.*

"Sorry, had to do that."

Nexus: I don’t blame you one bit. I almost did that on my own.

*DN walks over to the door and opens it.*

Nexus: Hey, guys! I think this guy wants to leave now!

*Magni and Thunder enter the room, and see the shrink on the floor unconscious. They just shake their heads and pick him up and leave.*

"Now, on with the ceremony."

*On the table, Kebs’ body is in the middle, surrounded by lit candles. The smell of incense lingers in the air. Kebs’ hands are resting on her stomach. In their grip is a white rose. The table is covered in ivy leaves.*

Nexus: Okay, no what do I do?

"Repeat after me........"

(Scene: Lounge)

*Magni, Thunder and Magnus are having a 3-way FFA in Starcraft. Whyte is working on a new device. The Speds are staring off blankly into space. One of them snaps to attention.*

Sped #1: I smell something. Something burning.

*The other 4 Speds immediately start smelling the air.*

Speds: Dude, you’re right!

*This attracts the attention of the other 4. Magni pauses the game.*

Magni: They’re right.

Thunder: We’d better go check it out.

*They all get up, stopping what they were doing, and head off down the hall to where the smell is coming from. They open the door to the room and enter. They freeze in their tracks, amazed at the sight greeting them. Kebs’ body is suspended a meter above the table, and Dark Nexus is bent forward clutching his head, seemingly in pain.*

Speds: Dude............

Magni: Any idea about what exactly is happening here?

Thunder: Nope.

Magni: Maybe that exorcist would have been a good idea.

Thunder: Yeah.

Magni: Think maybe he was actually telling the truth, not going insane?

Thunder: Looks like it might just be that way.

*Dark Nexus lets out a scream that sounded like it could not possibly have come from a human being. Kebs’ body settles back down on the table. All of the candles go out at once, leaving the room in complete darkness except for the light coming in from the hall. The room remained silent for moments afterwards. Everyone was trying to comprehend what they just saw.*

"Would someone PLEASE turn on the light?"

*To stupefied to do anything else, Magni flicked on the lights. There, in front of the table, stood Kebs, alive and well.*

Kebs: You guys look like you’ve just seen a ghost.

Nexus: See? I told you guys! And you though that I was nuts......

Magni: Okay, I have to admit that you were right, and we did think you had lost it, didn’t we Thunder?

Thunder: No, I didn’t, it was just you. I had faith in DN the entire time!

Nexus: Thunder, I don’t believe a word you just said, don’t try and put that past me. You though I was crazy just as much as Magni did.

Thunder (sheepishly): Okay, you’re right, I thought that you had gone off the deep end.

Nexus: Oh well, I can see how you guys would think that.

*Everyone files out of the room, except for Kebs and Dark Nexus.*

Nexus: I would really appreciate it if.......

Kebs: Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. It’ll be our little secret.

Nexus: Thanks.

Kebs: Relieved, are we?

Nexus: Yeah. How’d you know?

Kebs: Just got this feeling of relief from you.........

(Fade to black)