Name: Kebs
Rank: Lieutenant General
Position: Commanding Officer, Special Ops
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Classification: Mage
Height: 1.68 m
Weight: 55 kg
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Dark Red
Skin: Light
Birthdate: August 18, 1978
Posting: Irvine


A talented magic user, though not one that would be considered a "natural". She has the ability to cast spells at an extremely high level, but only with practice on specific spells. When casting a spell she is unfamiliar with, the effects are rarely what they are supposed to be. Spells she is very familiar with, she will rarely miscast, will have a great deal of control over, and will generally be able to cast at a much higher level than the spell would normally be cast at. It is wise to avoid her generally area when she is trying out new spells, which she often does.

Up to the point of her death, she shared a 2-way empathic link with Dark Nexus. This stemmed from an incident where her consciousness shared his body with his consciousness while her body was clinically dead due to an encounter with Sephroth. Her body was later regenerated with one of her spells and the aid of Dark Nexus, and her consciousness was returned to it.

In battle, she tends to rely on her magic, with a shotgun for backup. Outside of battle, her great skill with a teleportation spell was used as the command cell's main form of travel.


Before COTS: She first appeared in the news (and caught COTS' interest) at the age of 6, when her family dog mysteriously fell 15 feet into the family pool, seemingly out of nowhere. Various other "unexplained" phenomenon in her home town made the news through the years, the last one ending with most of the town's destruction due to a tornado on a clear, calm day. This tornado was the unexpected and unwanted result of Kebs' first experiment with a wind spell and led to her running away from home out of guilt. It was shortly after this that she was approached by, and subsequently recruited into the Special Operations section of COTS.

Before Current Assignment: CLASSIFIED/UNKNOWN


Was hand picked by Dark Nexus for the position of the head of the Special Operations branch and a member of the command cell, positions which she held to the time of her death. Her placement has yet to officially be filled since her death.